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My Favourite Naruto Soundtrack


4th Ending Song
Artist: Raiko

Why? Coz it's light but wise. Nice words ;-).
Here's some of the lyrics

dare datte shippai wa suru nda
hazukashii koto janai
kono kizu o muda ni shinai de
waratte arukereba ii
takusan no koukai o matotte
aji no aru hito ni naru sa
kanashimi mo kaze ni kaete
tsuyoku susunde ikereba ii

This is the translation:
Everyone makes mistakes at times
It's not something embarrassing
Don't waste these scars
Keep on going laughing, and it'll all be good
With all the regrets I've gone through
I'll be a person with taste
Even turn sadness into a wind
Keep on going strong, and it'll all be good

Naruto is nice anime. It taught about friendship, hardworks, leadership, responsibilty and many more. But the best part is it's funny and easy to follow.

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