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Name Decoder

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Berawal dari blog pak Budi Rahardjo, aku mencoba mendecode nama (nick) dan hasilnya sbb:

Cyborg Name :
Digital Wireless Individual Limited to Immediate calculation, Intensive Observation and Ultimate Sabotage

Monster Name :

Deadly Wrath-Inflamed Livestock-Injuring, Cheerleader-Impaling Ogre from the Underground Sanctuary

Sexy Name:

Dreamy Wonderful Individual Lovingly Imparting Carnal, Intense orgasms and Unrestrained Stimulation

Agak aneh-aneh gimana gitu loh :-)

3 Responses to “Name Decoder”

  1. Anonymous Batman Sarung 

    IKi blog gak mutu

  2. Anonymous Batman Sarung 


  3. Anonymous dwilicious 

    sopo maneh iki...

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